The Y Factor Podcast takes a deeper dive with entrepreneurs on how they got started, the struggles they had to overcome, and the driving force of WHY they keep on going.

Learn how these individuals overcome obstacles and stay motivated.

Find out how you can discover your WHY!


Eric Bravo claims his new album release “Need to Know” is his best work yet, but with an amazing creative background as an author, photographer, travel blogger, musician how does he balance this with a full-time corporate job as an analyst?


Under the pseudonym RAVO, Eric has recognized the opportunity to work with the best talent available to make his own dream album. Now it’s ranked 91/100 sitting right next to music artists Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Halsey, and more.

Tony Lam – a serial entrepreneur who decided to risk it all by opening not just one but multiple Wing Stop Restaurants in the Bay Area. Learn about the risks he took to opening it and the failures he had to endure to achieve success.


Winner of the hit show Shark Tank for one of his brands, Tony has invested and founded multiple companies along the way. He’s recently co-founded Omni Bev – a modernized approach towards cold brew Vietnamese coffee. 

Mayly Tao of the world-famous DKsDonut shop in Santa Monica shares her story on how she made her family business her own. With a 30% reduction in business during the Covid-19 pandemic, she talks about how she took charge to turn things around. 


DKsDonuts opened 24 hours every day since 1983 is best known for its Dkronut and O-nut creations, where people travel from all over the world to indulge in her colorful donuts.

Andrew Chau and his partner Bin Chen started Boba Guys through simple Pop Up events. It wasn’t until 3 years into it and a full-fledged store did Andrew decide to quit his full-time job. We discuss his mental state and deciding point to leave his corporate job to pursue Boba Guys full time making it one of the most successful Boba companies in the world.


He doesn’t just sell Boba, he’s selling a vision – to bridge cultures, one boba at a time. Learn how Andrew takes every bit of experience from childhood to college to shape what Boba Guys is today.